1. High-speed Trendyol marketplace price tracking system and subscription bot (archived)
  2. PyDevJobs (live) offers a cutting-edge platform for Python developers seeking employment, featuring a job board with detailed insights from LinkedIn listings and a unique service that crafts targeted CVs. Users upload their current CV, select a job posting, and with a click on the “Generate” button, receive a customized CV tailored to the specifics of the chosen job, enhancing their chances of securing an interview in the competitive tech job market. I built this SaaS project using FastAPI and Vuejs. Take a look at the website!
  3. Developed and prepared to launch a full-stack digital product web shop, integrating a robust Django backend with a dynamic React frontend.
  4. Created a tale-writing SaaS platform for children aged 2-8, using ChatGPT and DALL-E 3 APIs to generate content, with an upcoming launch on makeauthor.com, built using FastAPI, MongoDB, and VueJs.
  5. Maintaining fastapi-geolocation Python package.

About me:

Since starting university, he has been conducting research on various technologies. He has gained extensive research and practical experience in electronic devices, image processing, and mobile application technologies commonly used daily. He continues his career in backend development.

During his final semester at school, he completed an internship at DMC Information Technologies, focusing on SQL. Additionally, he has prepared an ebook that provides a quick introduction to SQL, which can be accessed from the right-hand side.

Currently, he works as a backend developer at Akinon.

Üniversiteye başladığından beri çeşitli teknolojiler hakkında araştırma yapmıştır. Günlük yaşamda kullanılan elektronik, görüntü işleme ve mobil uygulama teknolojileri konusunda geniş bir araştırma ve uygulama deneyimi kazanmıştır. Kariyerine backend development üzerinde devam etmektedir.

Okulunun son döneminde, DMC Bilgi Teknolojileri’nde SQL üzerine staj yapmış ve ayrıca SQL’in temellerini hızlı bir şekilde öğrenebileceğiniz bir ebook hazırlamıştır, bu ebook’a sağ taraftan ulaşabilirsiniz.

Şu anda Akinon’da backend developer olarak çalışmaktadır.

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